Ellie Collins writes diverse narratives that provoke a multi-disciplinary practice.

Trials and Tribulations – A Day at the Fitties
Photo courtesy of Joana Cifre Cerdà

‘As an infant mouths a favoured toy, so a commuter absentmindedly fiddles with a coat buckle. A youth invisibly probes teeth with tongue. Meanwhile a tourist bunches and stretches sandalled toes.

The desire to touch and be touched in small ways by our environment and the sensory gratification and transference of information derived from our embodiment is the basis for my research.

Using a sensual framework I reject a dualism of body and mind. I suggest that contrary to being merely a catalyst for refined intellectual rationale; pre-reflective sensory activity could be the plenitude of sophisticated inquiry.

Whilst seemingly equable on the surface, there are subversive undertones in the work exploring issues including disempowerment, inequality and the fragile nature of communication.

Immersive spaces, discursive and poetic interaction and brief haptic encounters propose reciprocal action through subjective curiosity, as individual and art permutate during a phenomenal exchange.