Walk Through a Rainbow

Walk Through a Rainbow is now available to purchase on Amazon. Paperback £5.99, eBook £3.99

“I remember a story I heard from a friend…

If you follow a rainbow right to its end

There you find… or so I’m told

A great big pot of shining gold!”

Inviting you to follow your nose on a journey through the senses, Walk Through a Rainbow is a sumptuous rhyming story to touch, taste and see.

A book to appeal to all ages, this charming poetic tale brings cheer on even the rainiest of days. Walk Through a Rainbow reminds us that whoever and wherever we are, our world is as big as our own imagination.

With a curious mind and a colourful outlook, we needn’t go far to enjoy and share myriad wonders, big and small.

Ellie Collins’s verse and Marc Renshaw’s illustrations form a mindful meander through a rich sensory landscape that’s perfect to read aloud to little ones, to introduce new vocabulary to intermediate readers and inspire grown-ups too.